Monday, March 30, 2015

It All Started Out With Going To The Hospital

Us getting tacos
This week was kind of tough I am not going to lie!!  It all started out with going to the Hospital because my comp got a little sick!  He has falla reinal!  I have no idea what it would be in English but it has to do with your kidneys so we went to the doctor that day and well we couldn't work so that was kind of boring!!  I watched all of The District that day and I learned a lot!!  So that was good!  He is doing better now though that was the only day that we got restrained and so that is good!!  But that is why I got this picture of the typewritter.  It was like stepping back into the past!

The rest of the week we did a lot a lot of contacts and everyone just declined!  But really ugly like!!  So we started to get a little depressed and so we decided to go to the church.  Well once we were in the church there was a member there with a friend that wanted to learn more about the church and so we taught her and she was really cool!!  She has some problems but things are good.  We taught her and things should get better! Well if she would just come to church!!  Ugh that is the problem with most people we teach, they want to learn but don't want to keep commitments!

Lets see anything else cool happen?  Well just that we are actually starting to see improvement with our ward!  They finally want to help us out!  It helps having another set of Elders here that is actually working.  They are getting excited!!  We are starting to try and have Preach My Gospel classes but they don't show up!  But the ward is finally starting to take the steps to work as a functioning unit.  I am loving Preach My Gospel and there are all sorts of great things to use from there!  One says that the way that missionary work is suppose to be is that the members find people and that the missionaries are just there to teach.  Obviously we have to do contacting and things like that but we are supposed to receive people through the members to teach!! One thing I have realized here is how much work there is to do and how much the members can help with the work!  I will definitely start to help once I get home!!

This week we will not be allowed to work on Friday at all and then on Saturday we can only go to conference at the stake center which I have heard I will watch in English but we will see.

I was sitting outside studying and a lizard came next to me!  And it like started to do push ups and it was funny because the word for push up and lizard are the same in Spanish.  It made me laugh!!  So this week's work is lagartijas and it has two meanings.  The first is a lizard and it also means push-ups.  ayer hicimos un buen de lagartijas.  ayer ví una lagartija.  Yesterday we did a lot of pushups and yesterday I saw a lizard!

Have a good week and I will talk to you next week!!
Les quiero,
Elder Orchard

Our hike

8 people, 1 taxi

Carnitas or a dead pig.  That was our breakfast the next day.

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