Monday, April 6, 2015

This Week We Found A Really Cool Guy

Krispy Kreme donuts!  I bought a dozen today. They are sitting at home!

Wow quite a week!  Well now I only have two conference sessions left in the mission!!  Crazy to think about!!  It was a really good conference and I was glad that I could watch it in English!!  I also thought it was really weird that President Monson didn't speak very much!  Hmm interesting!!  It was all really fun though!  We made waffles for the morning sessions and we had brownies and basically just pigged out during conference!!  It was basically a big American Party!!  It was awesome!  Conference seemed to fly by!  And I didn't even fall asleep!! So that was good!!  

We made brownies in between the sessions

General Conference

Hmm This week we found a really cool guy! His name is Jonathan and he is a stud!!  He was going to get baptized when he was 8 (like 20 years ago) but the only reason he didn't get baptized is that he didn't get his dads permission!! He is a good guy and we are really excited to see what  happens from him!!

Spiritual wise the whole conference is always cool!!  When we sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives as missionaries in the conference was cool!  Because it was only the English speakers in the room and it was powerful!!  But how about the opposing votes!  Wow that was suprising we were all like wow did that really just happen!!  I liked all the talks I don't know that I could just pick one to pull out!  I thought that they all did a good job!!   

Funny thing of the week? There was nothing really too funny except for the fact that we went with a old investigator that we had and we decided to teach the restoration to see if we could convince her to come to church!  Well we taught her really really good!  And then she was like If God calls me I will come to church and  my comp was like look he has been calling you for six years are you going to answer or not!  And she was like I just feel like my church is good!  I said you can feel good in all churches but is it the same church that Christ started with prophets apostles and the priesthood!  She said no and then we left her!  IT was funny because she admitted we were right. I don't know... mission humor... maybe you guys don't find that funny! 

Anything else from this week?  Hmmm not really anything good!  Except I feel pretty sick in the stomach!  I think it is time for some parasite pills again!!

We went to Sams Club today and that was awesome! It felt like I was back in America kind of! I spent like 500 pesos (about $33) which is kind of a lot but I think it will be worth it!!  I bought just a little bit of stuff but they didn't have to much good stuff!!  I at least have some snack food now to eat!!  
Sam's Club
A fullish fridge at the beginning of the month

This weeks word is alacran! It is a small scorpion Esta semana tuvimos unos alacrans en la casa!  This week we had scorpions in the house.

I love you have a good week!
Elder Orchard

(I asked Douglas if he emails from an internet cafe.  He said it is called a cyber and it costs 8 pesos per hour.  That is about .50)

me cooking

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