Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm Going To Have My First Changes Tomorrow

Well the day is finally here!!  I am going to have my first changes tomorrow!!  The good news is I am staying in the stake and so I will be relatively close!!  Things are going great!

Alright so this week I had a really cool slash funny experience!  It was Saturday and I was not feeling good at all!!  Needless to say I had diarria, what else would I have? I am in Mexico!  Well I took my pills and then after that I am usually good!  Well I look at the bottle of pills and I am like yeah I am going to take these to the baptism because we were going to Elder Hammond's baptism.  My comp was like why are you taking those that doesn't make sense!  You already took yours and now you willl be good! I was like I don't know I just feel like I should!  Well we get there and what happens?  One of the investigators was like will you take me to the closest store I was like yeah of course!  Why what do you need!  Well I need diarria pills I feel terrible. I was like no way I have those here take some haha It was just a really cool experience for me!!  

The rest of the week went really really good!!  We had a ton to eat on Dia de Los Niños Saturday and a huge party as a ward!!  Patrick is still progressing really really good and he will for sure get baptized on the 9th I think! The sad thing is I won't be here but I will be able to go since I am close!  Gerardo, Javier's brother, also wants to get baptized that day and so that will be really really good to see all of that in the same day!!  I am super excited to see all of that happen!!  

I am kind of sad to finally be leaving but it will be good to move on! I hope that it goes good!!

This weeks word is Traslados  It means changes  Vamos a tener traslados mañana.  Tomorrow we are going to have changes.

I love you guys have a good week!!

Elder Orchard

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