Monday, April 13, 2015

This Week Was Full of Miracles

Wow this week was absolutly full of miracles!!  I don't even know where to begin!!
Well Tuesday we did divisions and I went to another ward and needless to say I had a terrible experience with the misisonary I was with!  We just don't agree with the way we teach!  He was here with the old President and so he is trying to live in a different era than what we are in now!  I like to promise blessings and do what Preach My Gospel suggests and he likes to planch?  (I don't know in English sorry) but like to bash or to give someone an earfull!  So it was terrible and I finished divisions feeling like crap!!  Well then Wednesday I did divisions again!!!  But I went with Elder Hammond (old Assistant)  and wow that was a completly different day!!  We had awesome lessons and we were actually on the same page accomplishing what we wanted!  It was one of the coolest days on my mission!  We had so much success and it was exactly what I needed after a terrible day!! 

Wednesday we also went to visit Javier and Elder Hammond was impressed!!  Well we started talking to Javier´s mom and she basically told us that the grandpa was the guardian!  So we called the Assistants and got permission from them to get the grandpas signature!  Well still there was a lot to get done and everything had to be perfect!!  Well it was absolutely perfect!  We baptized him after church on Sunday and he was the happiest kid in the world!
Javier's baptism

I almost cried with him in the font and I just remember talking to him and hearing his testimony about how he has been waiting for a year and a half and finally today has happened!!  It was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my mission!! I started to wonder if it was going to happen or not!! And finally it does!!
Me and Elder Hammond cleaning the font.
I am a huge believer in The Fast!  This week my testimony has increased sooo much about Fasting and Prayer!  We taught all about fasting this week to the members and we are already seeing soooooo many miracles in the work!! Things are awesome!! I am sad though I think that this will be my last two weeks in this area!  It is sad because we are finally getting help from the ward and I love being here!  But who knows what will happen!! 
Me in a micro (bus).  We took Alvaro (my first baptism) to the Visitor's Center with us.

Tortas and Coke after the temple
Just a quick update on Jonathan from last week...he won't come to church.  We just need one visit to the church and we have him.   We also had two different people just show up at church and they want to know more about the church!  Well one guy already has a fecha to be baptized and everything is going great!!  Which is good because if Elder Preciado trains then he will have people when my grandkid gets here!  Who knows what will happen though!  I should find out this week because we have interviews with the President and so I am excited for that time. I love interviews with him!!  

This weeks word is Milagro!  Esta semana fue llena de milagros!  This week was full of miracles!

Me and Renaldo in Javier's room

A little mom commentary: Douglas always writes "This Week in Mexico" in the subject line for his emails.  This week he wrote, "This Wonderful Week In Mexico".  I knew before I even started reading that great things had happened and I am so grateful for the opportunity Douglas has to serve. I know it will shape him into an amazing man.  I also want to add my testimony of fasting and prayer.  We started praying as a family for Javier as soon as Elder Orchard told us about him.  Russell and I have added his name to the prayer roll at the temple and we have fasted as a family for him.  It's amazing what God will do when we demonstrate a little bit of faith and show him we are willing to sacrifice a little for what we are asking him for.  It really was a week of miracles!

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