Monday, April 20, 2015

Today I Hit the 8 Month Mark

Alright so to start off yes Javier got confirmed this week!!  Kind of cool!! He was so happy and to answer the other question he already has the priesthood so that is good!! We like to move fast!! That also brings me to a really funny story!!  So I went and had the bishop sign everything he needed to sign and i was like yeah thanks for your help can I do anything to help you? And he was like actually yes (they never say yes) and I was like oh crap haha.  He was like will you input them into the system after you baptize them because if the missionaries don't then they never will get put in!  So not only are we the missionaries we are the secretaries here!

Alright so last week we had someone show up to church just by himself! Well needless to say is that if they show up they usually are super super chosen!  Well this guy is no exception! He is progressing sooooo good and he just wants to learn!  We pass with him like four or five times a week and it is awesome!!  He is soooo cool!!  He is explaining to his dad everything and he just really understands!!  IT is awesome! He is 18 and he is one of the cooolest people I have met! And I am hoping we can teach him good and then he can go on a misison! That would be cool!!  

Well this week we had another guy show up by himself and so that is awesome! Hopefully we can do the same thing and he can progress like a champ too!!  We are also trying to baptize this week and so that will be awesome! It would be Gerardo, Javiers brother!!  We are really starting to get a lot of help from The Lord in our work and we are just getting a lot of cool people! The goal this week is that we can find a family!  So we are going to work really hard with that! Sorry, I know my thoughts are everywhere and I am probably making no sense!!  

Well one thing that I have started to learn is that if we listen to our president and work our hardest to fulfill with what he asks us to do we will be blessed!  These last few weeks we have really tried to work on working really close with the area plan and set goals that are in agreement with what the president thinks we can complete!  Well we have had a ton ton ton of success!!

This might be my last week here in Paraiso!  We will have changes next Tuesday and I should know for sure if we will have changes or not but it is just kind of weird! Today I hit the 8 month mark and that is crazy to me! The time has flown by honestly!!  I can't believe how fast this thing is going!!  It helps when you teach 40 lessons a week!!  I will be kind of sad if I get changed but I know that it will be my time to go and work hard somewhere else!

Now, a funny story we had this week! We were contacting and it was the day after USA played Mexico and won in soccer! Well we were talking and someone is like the Americans won us!!  I was like yeah I know I can't believe they won us and I looked at my comp and was like your country man and the guy totally went with it and it was so funny!! 

This weeks word will be aguas.  Now agua means water but aguas is like be careful!!!  Aguas viene un carro!  Careful here comes a car!!

Alright the last little spiritual thought of the week is that I spoke on Sunday about the body of Christ which is us as members!  I based my talk in 1 Corinthions chapter 12 and so go read that chapter and it will leave you guys wondering what more can I do to be a better member!! 
I love you guys and have a good week!!

Les Quiero,
Elder Orchard

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