Monday, May 4, 2015

We Take Bucket Showers!

I am now in a ward that is called Xalpa!  It actually touches my old ward!  I am just a little higher up on the mountain!  That is the only hard part!  Paraiso is basically on the base of the mountain!  Xalpa is the rest of the mountain so the whole day I am just climbing the mountain!  I am going to lose all the weight I have gained!!  No more ripped pants!!  yay!!  However higher up on the mountain also means a lot more poor!  I have already been in a lot of really really poor houses!  Also since I am now more poor than I was before I have a new and fun experience!!!  We take bucket showers!!  Whoot whoot!!    To top all of that off there was worms floating in the water that I showered in today!!  Kind of sketchy right!!
Water I use to shower.  Welcome to Xalpa!

I have gotten kind of sick out here.  It is okay we got the good medicine from Sister Stutznegger!! I am pretty excited for the time I am going to have here!
Pills to kill parasites

Elder Ybañez is my new companion.  He is from California and has three months in the mission.  He just barely finished his training and so I am his second comp!  He didn't speak Spanish before the mission.
The Elders in our ward (Elder Ybañez is to my right)

Alright so besides being in the hills we have actually had a lot of success but a long ways to go!  We baptized two people on Saturday!  I didn't really know them that well but the good news is we are going to try and get to the whole family!
Saturday's baptism

There are ten of them that can get baptized and we have already got two of them!!  The third will get baptized on the 16th and then if we can find more of the kids at home eventually we will get the whole family baptized!!  I got into the area and I talked with Elder Ybañez and said look we are going to baptize every week this cycle!  He told me okay lets do it!  So we are working hard for that! The only tough thing is that the fecha we had for Saturday fell since the lady didn't go to church!  However we are determined to baptize every week this cycle and will do whatever it takes!  This week we won't be able to but we will baptize every other week!  As of right now we have fechas for the 16, 23 and the 6th we are just missing the 30 but we are going to pass with all the old investigators that stopped investigating for whatever reason and we will be guided by the spirit to a family for the 30th of this month!  I know that will happen!

Our area has a lot of potential a lot a lot but the problem is we need to work with the ward!  They are kind of struggling especially in the fact that we don't have a ward mission leader still!!  However we told the bishop we need one and he asked who we wanted(the church is really really different here).  So we will have him called on Tuesday (he is a stud and has a ton of good ideas to help us find some people) and so we can start working really good!  We pull a lot of weight here as missionaries and so we can basically make callings here, just something else to add to the list of things we do!

This weeks word is desparasitarse!  Esta semana tomé unas pastillas para desparasitarme!  This week I took some pills to get rid of the parsites!

I love you all have a good week!
Elder Orchard

Four missionaries and three bags in one bug

I didn't have a hammer so I used a dust pan

Elder Hammond's birthday party

Amazing food someone made for us this week called chiliquilis 

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