Monday, May 18, 2015

I Broke Into A House

Me and Sebastian on a motorcycle.  He is one of my favorites!
Just by the title you guys know we had a good week!!  I don't even know where I should start!!  haha I feel like a lot of things happened and so I am kind of excited to tell you about it!!  I don't know where to start but ready or not here we go!

This week we started just to try and go crazy with all the people we could find!  And we didn't find anyone haha it was kind of funny!  We did some contacts but didn't have any news from these!  So by like Thursday we were like okay this isn't working lets look at the area book!  So we start just writing down everyone that seems cool to go visit and see what can happen!  Well we found some really cool people and it was awesome just finding some people to accept us!  We found two really really cool families we are hoping to work with!  One of them got married just so they could get baptized so it is weird why they left the church!  Cita with them in the week hopefully more to report next week!  And then we found a family of five or six we aren't sure that already has four of the five Sundays. We need also working with them this week!!

We baptized Lizbeth which was really cool!  Poor girl though!  The zone leaders didn't drain the pila before and so she had a cold water baptism!  Well if you call brown water water!  haha!

And then at church Sunday one of her brothers came!( this is the family of 12 people) So we hope to work with them all!  Also cita with him with hopefully more to report!  And so things are really good!  This is the family we baptized two weeks ago and then this one on Saturday!  

This week we will be baptizing someone named Patricia!  She finally came to church again! Halelujah!  (or however you spell it!)  So her baptism should be on Saturday!  However this is where the good story of the week comes in!  We went to teach her one day!  Well she wasn't there!  Well good news is that her bathroom is outside! ( I really had to go okay)   Well I was waiting for my comp and I saw her downstairs and I was like Patricia come up here so we can teach you! She came up and she was like well we can't go in.  My daughter lost the keys and so we are locked out!  I look at her door and I notice there was like a little area that was open and I was like we are going to help her break into her house!  So I was thinking what are we going to use?  Well I first scaled the house to try and get in through the window, that was unsuccessful!  So I was like look there is a jumprope lets try and use that to get it around the lever you pull and we will get in!  Well that also was a fail!  However then we found a hanger too and we were able to get just enough pressure to open the door!

I am sure that we had a lot of divine help so we could get this important lesson in but regardless we broke into her house!  Two white guys getting it done and breaking in!!  WHoot WHoot!!

This weeks word is cajuela or the trunk of a car! My favorite picture of the week was me and a member riding in the trunk of the car!
Me in the trunk with Usiel

WE had 11 people in this little Ford Focus!  
Usiel y yo nos subimos en la cajuela!  Me and Usiel climbed in the trunk!

I love you!  Have a good week!

Elder Orchard

Typical chocolate ad.  At the bottom it says, "Do exercise".

I made a shake

Eating with the Sagovias, a really cool family!

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