Monday, May 25, 2015

Really Awkward

Buenos Dias familia!!!!

Well this week was kind of weird!  Mainly because of what happened! We were working hard all week and we saw a lot of success!  Until we got to Sunday and all of our investigators used their agency to not come to church!  That was depressing!  But what are you going to do!  That was the toughest part!  However we did have a new less active family come so that was so nice!  
Me and Elder Hernandez in the trunk.  He is from the Dominican Republic and he is one of my favorites.  I hope to get a chance to have a companion from the DR

Our new ward mission leader is a stud!  He is so excited and the good thing is we get food every Saturday night out of it haha!  Dinner appointment!!  This week we are having a movie night and we have gone all out!  If members want to get in they have to bring an investigator!  We are hoping to get tons of references out of this!  He has already set up our next two months activities and he is doing awesome!

We baptized again this week which was good!  However it was really a weird awkward week with the investigator!  We were teaching her about the word of wisdom and that was a funny lesson!  We talked about what we should eat and then what we shouldn't consume! She ends up going, no you guys don't have to worry my marijuana plant died a few weeks ago so I won't be doing it anymore!  I just started busting up laughing.  I thought I was going to die it was so funny!  But then we ask who she wants to baptize her and it got really awkward!  She fell in love with Elder Lee the one I replaced!  Well she said she wanted me to baptize her so we were like well whatever sounds good!  And then she said she wanted to get married too and asked if I would come back for her.  So basically I got proposed to this week!  Really awkward!  We will be letting the other missionaries teach her from now on!  

This weeks word is going to be rado. It means weird!  Esta semana fue bien rada! This was a weird week!

I love you guys have a good one!

Elder Orchard

Cat in the church that was just found one day

Me eating a new weird fruit.  It was good!

I don't know what was buying this or that it only has 50% milk.

This dog ran next to us the whole car ride!  It was the member's dog and I was cracking up laughing.

Me and Elder Ybanez at the temple.

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