Monday, June 1, 2015

Everything I Eat Goes to My Hips

Palomitas!  (popcorn)
I am not going to lie I had kind of a really slow week!  I guess not really slow but we had a typical week so it kind of felt like just normal!  I don't know!  WE finally got a really cool reference from a member!  Hopefully they will start to progress!  We are putting a few more fechas with people and things are just going how they should!  I am loving my time here even though the hills I climb are huge!  My grey suit still doesn't fit me!  Crap!  That one might be staying in this area! haha 

I can not believe how fast time goes! It is already summer again! We will have transfers this next week and rumor has it that I am going to get transferred!  Kind of sad I was just starting to like this area and get used to the hills!  I am kind of scared that I am going to get even fatter but I will work on it!  The problem is that all the food goes straight to my butt!  I am going through my midlife crisis in a way I think!  Everything I eat goes to my hips!  

Funny ish story for the week!  So we got a new Elders Quorum President (we had a little bit of a say in it) and so we have been really helping him in his new calling!  Well we go over there this week one day and he was totally just playing Minecraft!  This guy is like 55 and has grandkids and he is just playing Minecraft with his kid and so he plays that a lot!  haha But he is super super funny and cool!  He built an MTC there in the game haha he always has us cracking up!  

Depressing story of the week..the price of Coke is going up! :( And the coke I am drinking has 117 percent of my daily sugar intake  That is why coke is so much better here!!  Coke count from the week, 7 litres of coke I have drunk.

Friday we had a movie night!  That was a great turn out! We had popcorn, drinks, chicharrones!  The works! Candy, everything!  However if the members wanted to come in they had to bring someone!  We made movie tickets and everything and it was so so so successful!  We are slowly but surely seeing the ward come together and help us out! It is awesome!  We have more activities like that one coming up and are so excited to see how we do!
Welcome to cine sud guest staring Elder Hernandez and Linares

Watching Meet The Mormons

Me and Elder Hernandez

This weeks word would be Boletos It means tickets!
Hicimos boletos para el cine! WE made movie tickets!

Love you guys!  Have a good week!

Elder Orchard

Habanero pepper.  It really hurts going in, doesn't hurt coming out.


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