Monday, June 8, 2015

Financial Secretary


Alright so I will be having changes again tomorrow!  I will be going to a ward that is called Leandro Valle and I will be the financial secretary!  Elder Norr will train me for six weeks and then he goes home and I am on my own!  Kind of fun it will be a good experience for sure!  I am kind of nervous but am excited at the same time!  I will always be with the President and will live in the offices which is kind of cool!  There are usually four Elders that live there but I will be in a trio and occasionally the Assistants are there with us too.  I am going to have fun.  It isn't as much working in the field and my p-day will be Wednesday.  I don't know if I will write Monday or Wednesday just so you know! We have a different p-day than the rest of the mission because we need to be there because people are always in and out of the offices.  The other set of secretaries have p-day on Tuesday so someone is always there.  So that is kind of the big news of the week.  I have known since Tuesday so that makes it easy as far as packing and such!
Daily Coke
Alright so other things that happened this week!  We found a super cool family that is progressing really really good!  We were a little scared because she was like yeah I didn't like that the last church I went to tried to baptize me right off the bat! So I was like crap we are going to have to work with her on this to get her to a fecha!  So we decided to wait and see what we could do about it!  So we go back the next day and I was like okay so we will just try and commit her to being baptized at a future time!  So I start and I was like Well maria just so you know we also bapti... and she cuts me off and was like yeah I will totally get baptized don't even worry about that!  and I was like oh okay and we also put dates to work for like a goal to work towards and she was like how about on my birthday which is the 17 of July?  And I just looked at Elder Ybañez and was like yeah that should work!  It was super cool.  She is super ready and I am excited for their progression! She has a husband and a daughter that we are still trying to work on right now!  But things are going good out here for now!  Too bad I am leaving so soon!  I am so excited for what this ward has done! 
ward glasses activity
Also just a little funny insert for this letter! We weren't allowed to work yesterday because of the elections! And Saturday we had to be back early because it was supposedly dangerous! Hmm...who knows it is just kind of funny!  Everything is different here!  They paid people to vote for them and so the elections are all pretty bad if you know what I mean!  I guess not bad just different! 
Funny picture I took like all the drunks

Have a good week and I will talk to you guys again next week!


Elder Orchard

Jacket I bought

Lime Pie

money says SUD santos de los ultimos dias (saints of the latter days)

Lighting in a house rather than through the ceiling it just comes through the wall and they hang it up.  It made me laugh.

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