Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Maid, Couches and Walmart

Well this week has been kind of crazy!  The whole change to the office was cool and we have been having a good time here!  Things sometimes get a little wild because we are living here with the other secretaries and occasionally the assistants!  Sometimes sleep is a little hard to come by!  But it is super super fun!  The week was definitely different then the missionary work I had done before!  We have a little more to do and so I work basically half days in the field!  I will try and give you a run down of what happened this week!

Tuesday was changes and so we went to Neza and had all the changes which I already knew where and with who I was going so more just hanging out and saying hi to everyone!
Goodbye Elder Ybanez

Elder Hammond went home

After we got to the offices and I just got settled in at the new house and did all of that stuff!  We went out to the area and worked for a little bit and called it a day!  

Wednesday was P-day again!  We went to Teotihuacan (the pyramids) which was super cool!  I took tons of pictures and we had a lot of fun!

However it was like a three hour trip which was kind of crappy but it was a good bus at least and we got to sit down instead of standing up!

It was tons of climbing stairs but I really enjoyed the trip! Super cool experience that we had!

Thursday was Polanco day!  We had to take Pres and Sister Stutz to get their fingerprints and green cards and stuff in the morning! But then we had to be back in the afternoon to pick up and drop off other papers!  Needless to say it was a cool day spent in a super rich part of Mexico city!  We went to this cool museum that I got pictures of!  Fun day as well!

Friday we were supposed to go clean out houses all day but luckily we had two trios and so Elder Norr and I went out and worked!  However usually that would have been me and my comp going to clean the houses and all that stuff!  So last week Elder Blotter only worked Tuesday and Saturday!  Talk about a crazy week!  I have never been so tired in my life I don't think!  We always have something to do!

Some interesting things about the offices:
We have a maid, It is a great time!
There is some more stress.
You get to work close with Pres. which is awesome!  He is really funny and a great guy!

The only problem is it is really comfortable! We have a maid, we have couches, Walmart close, tons of food and they are working on putting in a full sized kitchen!  It is awesome!  I am having some fun and just trying to work with the little time we have each day in the field! IT sure makes it a lot easier to give it all you got!

Have a good week and I love you guys!  


Elder Orchard

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