Wednesday, June 24, 2015

God Loves Us and He Knows Us

Well this week was awesome!  To start off the pictures most of them came from the aquarium we went to!  It was super fun!  Alright so things are going really good! I am still loving life in the offices and things are just going good!  We have been working really hard and are just keep trucking on!  I will try and send some pictures of the offices next week so that way you guys can know what it looks like!  

I have awesome comps!  Things are going good and it is awesome that we have this trio and everyone wants to work so hard!  Sometimes it is tough and we don't have very much time to work but I have really started to learn the importance of time!  If you don't we only have like three lessons in a day and that doesn't cut it! I have already been able to learn so much from both of them and I am excited for the time we still have! However it is flying by!  Before we know it Elder Norr will be gone!  I make sure to remind him every day!

The whole financial side of things is kind of hard/stressful sometimes!  It is just a lot of work haha and I am not the greatest with the whole money side of things!  But little by little I will go learning!  I will  be great at the whole money management after I get done with this special assignment!  The best part is probably working so close to Pres and Sister Stutz!  We learn all sorts of stuff from them! It is funny doing their finances because you can see how they are by what they spend all their money on!  It just makes me laugh sometimes!  

We also had the chance to go the airport to send off some misisonaries! It was funny we get there and Sister Stutz  was like this is airport trip number 120 for us in the year we have been here! That is such a big amount but it seems like I will be going to the airport a few times!  The Mcdonalds selfie comes from the airport and it was really good! 

I want to tell a story that was a testimony to me about how God loves us and how he knows us!  We were doing some weekly planning and we decided to look at our area book and go through a list of old investigators!  Well we prayerfully selected a few names of people we wanted to try and go visit.  Well we had one name and we went out and looked for these people!  Well we ended up finding the first person in there house and we started talking and out of nowhere she started crying.  Well we start to teach a little bit not much and she just says ¨I have been going through a really tough time and God knew that I needed you guys!¨  It was super cool!  She is an awesome golden investigador!  She had read the Book of Mormon until Alma chapter 42 and she does prayers and totally understands and will start to progress really well here in the next few weeks I think!  It was a double testimony builder for me!  I know that God is not only preparing people for us to teach as missionaries but that we are all sons and daughters of him!  He knows us, he hears our prayers and he wants to help us! He knows what we need and he will respond to us!

Have a good week I love you guys a bunch!

Elder Orchard
Nerf guns!

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