Monday, December 15, 2014

The Laziest Week of My Mission

Alright so like I had already mentioned last week that we weren´t going to work very much and we even ended up working less than I thought!! We had a Mission Christmas Party where we watched Frozen so that was nice!!  We had a new misisonary training meeting and so we spent all morning there on Thursday!  Friday was Virgin day and so we weren´t allowed to leave the house!  Sunday was just a day full of meetings and church so this week was quite slow as far as the work goes!! We only had like 15 lessons all week and so it was really hard to get really into anything for more than a day!!

Jose Luis (our investigator from last Monday) cancelled on us a few times but we have an appointment to go with him again on Wednesday and so hopefully he is there!!  We reput one of our investigators to a fecha on Sunday because if they don´t come to church then they can´t get baptized and so that is one of the big struggles!!  I guess maybe we just need to have more faith or something like that!!

Anyways so the Virgin day the other Elders from our ward came over and so that was really fun!  We had a piñata to celebrate Mary!!  Okay not really we had the piñata to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate Elder Cottrell hitting a year in his mission so we partied it up for a little bit!!

But you guys wouldn´t believe how crazy these people are about the Virgin Mary!  Literally everything here has to do with her!!  Even this sign says out of respect for the virgin please don´t litter!! 
We were trying to get someone to get us some of the virgin t shirts that they give out but they didn´t get them for us how crappy!!  So I figured that since I don´t have any good stories to tell about this week as far as investigators go I will tell you guys a little bit about Virgin day.  So this is a Catholic holiday that people celebrate all over Mexico!!  Some people walk from as far as oaxaca because the catholics believe that if they make this walk to the basilica that they will receive a forgiveness of their sins so people walk thousands of miles from oaxaca for this. The streets were filled with people that had their backpacking packs on and were just walking through the streets of Mexico City.  Some people are like way more into it than that even and then once they get into actual DF (Distrito Federal) they start crawling or walking on their knees!  I guess that over Easter they take people up to the crosses we hiked to and they pretend to crucify them and they do this whole Jesus reinactment thing over there and I am assuming that we also won´t be working that day!!  Those days are a little boring but you find things to do!  We bought a deck of cards and so we played some games and did some studying.  We worked on all things for our investigators and stuff like that!  I have almost caught you in the Book of Mormon (we are on Mosiah 18 as a family) and I started on November 28th.  I haven't read as much as I wanted but I am going to finish it before I finish training!  One thing I have noticed from reading it fast like this is how often we have the promise of if we keep the commandments then we will be blessed!  A scripture that we have been sharing recently is in Mosiah 2 and it is the last verse of the chapter but it basically says that when you keep the commandments you get blessed not only spiritually but you get blessed temporalmente.  Sorry, I don't know that word in English.

We are going tomorrow to go get the package at the changes (transfers) so I will get it then!  Thanks for getting that down here for me.  That was really nice of that agent! other good news I have still found a way to avoid getting sick!  I know it is going to happen one of these days!  One of the Elders that was in my MTC district actually just got sent home a few weeks ago!  He was super sick and couldn´t keep any food down and so that was crappy to hear!!  It is nice to see all of the people that I was there with and know that they are still doing so well!  Well I am just babbling on and so maybe I better end this!  Sorry it wasn´t better.   Next week we will have some more stories hopefully!  This week's word is chafa.  I am not sure how to exactly spell it but it basically means crappy.
Este semana era bien chafa
This was a really crappy week. 

I love you all!
Elder Orchard

This scorpion was outside our house so we took it in and burned it.

I bought a watch with my birthday money.  It was 190 pesos.  The dollar is worth 15 pesos now so I am glad I waited to pull my money out. (Price of the watch based on that information is about $13.)

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