Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Little Old Ladies Came to Our Activity

Alright well this week was really nothing all that great!!  On Tuesday we went to have a normal day of work and we had some success and that was really nice! WE went and saw the bishop and he went with us to see the Family Alva and so that was awesome!! He did sooo good and we were so glad that he had come!! It was awesome!!

Wednesday was our meeting in Tecamachalco and so that was cool too! It was super super nice!! They had an Ipad just to go change the projector and change the Air conditioner! They had an air conditioner it was soooo cool I was excited to be there for a little bit! After that it was just come get some office stuff done because it took forever to get going and get everything done!!

Thursday I went on divisions with my district leader in his area and so I knew like nobody but then apart from that we just had a decent day getting work done!  Really this week was just kind of boring!

Friday Everyone was home and we worked hard! Julio opened his panaderia and so things are good there he is so happy and he gives us tons of pan and he is just killing it there with what he does!!  He made over a thousand pesos when we were there and his pan is soo good so we are very stoked about that!

Saturday we had a ward activity that was pretty crappy honestly hahaha We got there and we didn't have keys to the church because apparently they changed all the locks.  So we are looking for like two hours for keys and finally we get some!  Lucky we had gotten there early enough that we could still get things set up!  Then it turns out youtube won't work to stream the video (Meet The Mormons) so it was frustrating but whatever we had downloaded it onto a usb because we knew that might not work! So we plug the USB in and it won't read on the laptop we are using!  That is fine we finally get it working and guess what happens,  There is no sound.  Like zero.  So we get all that figured out and by the time it was all said and done we had three little old ladies there at our activity that started late and never even stayed to see the whole thing they left after five minutes!  And so what else did we do?  We went and started to clean the font for a baptism that was going to happen the next day and we ended up getting there a little late but apart from that it was a good decent day!  

This week was kind of crazy and the news are here and so it is bad sorry next week will be better!! Have a good week! I love you!

Elder Orchard            

Picking up new missionaries at the CCM today.

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