Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast with Mexican Coke

The new shirt Douglas bought for his upcoming birthday.
Alright well this week is going to be a little lame as far as the email goes! 

Monday was changes day and so I went to the MTC to pick up some things that I needed from there!  That was just a day spent hanging out with the News and training them all day!  So basically on a transfer week I do about the same things the whole time!  I Train them on some things and then I just translate the whole time while they are listening because we have realized if we don't translate the americans don't really understand anything!  So that is about how monday is spent every transfer!

Tuesday was changes day!  We wake up the news and get them ready for the day that they are going to have! Usually at this point we go to the neza stake center so that way we can get everything ready by the time that the missionaries get there.  This change we had to go and get a missionary that was sick because he was going home and so we started to go get his stuff and pack up for him and take that to presidents house so that way the kid could go home.

Wednesday we had spent the night at presidents house and when we woke up they were already gone and left us the note that was in the pictures of be ready at 10. 

It is always a good time at presidents house!  You never know what will happen when you are there! (At some point Douglas must have gone to the airport this day because Sister Stutznegger put these pics up on Facebook and said "This is what happens when I leave the camera with a few Elders at the airport.)

I just love this picture.  No wonder Douglas always looks like he is having fun!
So we went to the offices after that and then just got a little bit of work done and got ready to head back to Presidents house to spend the night for our thanksgiving party that we were going to have.  Went to the store and just got some stuff done and ready for the morning!  

Thursday we woke up and started cooking so that everything would be ready.  Finished with our assignments you could say and then we started to play some football.  Got some football played and then we went and ate a lot!  Which was nice a nice little thanksgiving feast with Mexican coke I can't think of really anything much better than that combo

Friday it was back to normal missionary work and we had a good productive day!  We had good lessons and met with our ward mission leader and just got some stuff done and figured out!

Saturday we went and picked up houses again so we hung out with Pres and Mom all day!  It was a blast but took forever!  So that was the whole day!  We got some good pictures in though!!!  We found some sweet aprons!  

Funny story of the week comes from this day, we had some beds on the roof of the van and so we pull up to the offices and we open up the garage and we pull the car in and we hear something slam against the machine that closes the garage and we look up and it was the beds that we had up there! So we tried to back out and we couldn't so we decided that I needed to get on the roof of the car and push the thing mattress and bedframe out of the bottom!  

So we are working and working and we finally get it off and I am about to get down when I realize that my butt has dented the car! So Olson is just dying of laughter I am like sad because of my big butt and pres just out of nowhere yells and hits the car and gets the dent out it all ended really cool that is for sure!!  

Have a great week!  I love you guys!


Elder Orchard

I love my new suit!  Thanks again!!  I put up a picture but you can't see it that well it is just a grey and it is good! Also stretch material!!

(Douglas didn't mentioned this but he did send pictures of putting up the tree.  I am guessing this is the office tree.  He didn't have one last year so I am glad his Christmas will be a little more festive:))

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