Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We Really Got Pushed This Week and Had a Lot of Trials

Alright so this week we had a pretty alright week!  We worked really hard with our investigators and it was really kind of frustrating!  We went and saw the Family Alva three times and Julio three times and they didn't go to church!  It was really hard on us because we felt like we had done all sorts of things and had amazing lessons and they still didn't understand and go to church! So right now we are at a hard point where we really don't know what to do!  We are just going to go forward and pray and hope we can help them understand the importance of things!  We did tons of divisions and took tons of members with us and so we are just going to hope for the best!  

So yeah we really got pushed this week and had a lot of trials but I know that we are going to be able to make our way out of them and just get stuff done this week!!  We were able to find a few new promising news!  We were working hard with less actives and we were able to find a less active family that everyone said would never let us in and so I guess that maybe now might be the time for them to come back to church!  We at least hope so! 

On Tuesday we went on divisions in the night and had some good lessons with people that we went with!  That is one thing we have really tried to get better at is our teaching!  We have been studying Preach My Gospel chapter ten everyday as a companionship and we are doing a lot a lot better with that!  We have really been better!  We also went and saw an eternal investigator that we hope to baptize here soon!  We are going to work really hard and see how it goes! 

Funny stories well nothing really that funny happened this week! We went and taught a lesson to a old mission president and we were just like crap and we were super nervous and he said we did good so that is always good! 

Spiritual story we went to the temple on Thursday and that was awesome!  It was so pretty and it was so nice to be in a session again! It took almost three hours to finish though because we had like 20 missionaries from the mtc doing the session and them getting through the session took a little while!  Haha 

Julio is doing good!  He is opening his own pan (bread) store and they decided to get married on the 5th of December so I am going to try and get them all baptized on my birthday!  I am excited. Hopefully I can baptize him! That would be awesome! 

This week we are going to watch Meet the Mormons with our ward!  Pres was going to come but his secretary over booked him! Freaking Olson (Elder Orchard's companion)!  But we are excited hopefully we can get some cool people to come to the activity!  I am sorry this letter was kind of crappy just not all that exciting of a week! This next week there will be more to report because we are going to the church office buildings!  Have a good week! I love you!!  

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