Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birthday Jello and A Day in the Hospital

Birthday jello made by Laura.
Hello!!  Well this week was a good week!  We felt like we had a lot of success and we definitely got blessed! We worked really hard and I could definitely see some blessings out of it!  

Tuesday we went with a less active and he gave us a couple references that we went and tried to contact but didn't have any luck yet!  Then we went with Julio and he was doing great! We had an awesome lesson with them and we were able to finally get him to commit to going to church this week.  We were a little bold with him but I think it went good!  We need to go and visit him a little more often so that way he can come and do all these things!  

Wednesday was a less productive day.  I went to the hospital because I got pretty sick Tuesday night so that was our whole day I could have written something here but I think that Olson's description is a lot better, "I was DYING in the appointment hahahahahaha. So we get there and the doctor is like looking down and writing something, and he goes "So what do you have?" And Orch goes "diarrhea" And the guy is looking down writing still and goes "how long" and orch goes "the better part of 3 months" and the guy just drops his pen and looks up all slowly and goes "what?" hahahaha and then he goes "wait whats that on your arm is that related??" and I go "este... that actually was me. I burned him." hahahaha and he goes "Are you sure?" and I go "yeah. I'm sure." So he goes "alright. I'm going to run some tests" and like had Orch lay down and like poked him in the tummy and who knows what else and he goes "okay... i'll uh.. i'll be back in a sec and explain" and he just left. So like 20 minutes later he comes back and goes "So we're going to send you to do some tests and see what happens. They can't be done here though so just like go get the results and then come back and we'll see what's going on" And I look at Orch and go "Dude. He has NO idea." And orch goes "I know man... I know." And it was super funny hahaha. I was dying."

Thursday we had a really good day.  We spent a lot of time with members and starting to get some stuff started to get a really good week for this week!  We went and saw some converts and then we went with Julio again and he is doing good.  We found a member to go and pass for him before church on Sunday and so he is really excited and we are too! It is awesome when our ward just decided so step it up and get things done!  We have noticed that the more that we visit them the more animated they get and the more willing they are to help and give us references and such!

Friday we just went to polanco all day so that was a really fun trip!  We found a Which Which so we ate there and so we had a good time that is for sure!

Saturday we went and worked in the afternoon like normal! We found some guy that went to Norway on his mission and so that was cool!  He was a cool guy!  Then we went with Julio and he said everything was good but then he didn't end up going to church so we were pretty sad about it!  I guess we will see what we do with him!  

I love you guys have a good week!

Elder Orchard

Cookies from Sister Stutz

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