Thursday, December 24, 2015

Moving Day and Chilis

Alright so this week feels like we didn't do much!  Probably because it was pretty slow of a week!  

Tuesday we went and worked really well.  We were able to find a new and he is awesome!!  He is progressing like a stud!!  He is the Boyfriend of a member and he was like I don't want you to think that I am doing this just for her!  And he asks awesome questions!  We left him a chapter to read in the book of mormon and so we will see if he actually reads!  Other than this we went and saw Julio and we had a good lesson.  The spirit was there and I guess we will see what happens out of it!

Wednesday we didn't work today because we went to the doctor and we stayed at presidents house because we were going to wake up and go clean some houses. I went with the doctor and he wants me to do some tests and then I will go back to see him in a couple weeks.  He said that he doesn't want me drinking any lactose for a little bit to see if that is what is giving me diarrhea. So we will see how the next little while goes. 

Thursday today was Presidents birthday and so we had a good time with him and we cleaned out a bunch of houses!  It was actually really cool because we gave away a lot of stuff!!  It felt good doing that and it made it a lot easier on us because we had less stuff to move around and bring home!  It was a good day!  Pres took us to Chilis and that was good too!  But we had a fun day and it was cool to hang out with him all day!

Friday we worked.  We went and saw Abraham and he is doing awesome!  He read and understood very very well! We left him 3 nefi chapter 11 and one thing that he recognized was that Nefi was given the authority to baptize the people and it was really cool!  We said we want to put a fecha with him and he said he wants to think and pray and put one himself so when we go back on Wednesday we will get his fecha so we are really excited to go through with him and see how it goes!  

Saturday we went to a christmas party at night and that was really good!  We were able to see some people that are less actives and investigators and that was cool!  The sad part is not many of them went to church on Sunday!  But we are just going to keep working hard and getting people when we can keep seeing some success!  Hopefully things will continue to progress better and we can keep gettting people to make some changes!

I will talk to you guys on Friday and I guess that is about it! 

Have a good week I love you guys!

Elder Orchard

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