Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mission Christmas Party

Alright well I am writing so late because on Monday we had a mission Christmas party so here I am today writing you guys!!

Alright so Last week we had a pretty good week!! We really worked hard and were able to see some cool things happen!  First off we are now the only missionaries in our ward and we have already found a couple news and they are really cool!  This Friday we are going to put a fecha with one of them for the second of Enero  and so we are excited for all of that!!  

On Tuesday we had some really good lessons.  We went with Julio and we were able to find a little more what has been going on with him!  The spirit was really strong and he has really changed since that lesson!  He has started reading again and better!  He is understanding everything a lot better and we are excited the only hard thing is that it is pretty hard to teach and invite them to church when you are going to have a temple dedication so it was hard but it was good.

Wednesday we had zone conference and it was awesome!  Like probably top three coolest I have had in the mission!!  I learned a ton and it was a very spiritual experience and I left feeling good!  Then we went to the Familia Macedos house and they gave us good food and we enjoyed the time with them that we spent!  Then we headed out again to Julio!

Thursday we went to the food and had a lot of lessons planned so we took Elder Brown because he is in a Trio and then we could do divisions easier! So here is kind of a funny story but it is sad as well.  Julio's kids are sooooooooooo bad!  Like I have no idea what to do with them!  I literally take off my name tag everytime we go because if I don't it is going to end up far far far away from me and I won't see it again.  We have to wear sweaters so they can't run while holding your tie or just take it off completely!  Needles to say it is pretty crazy all of that!!.  Everyday it is just weird and hard!!  We just can't control them!!

Anyways Friday we didn't work because of Virgin day and so we just were at home hanging out!!  We played some games and honestly it was really boring!  We did some office stuff and just finished for the week!  

Saturday we also didn't work and so we just hung out at home and had a meeting with President and we talked all about some things for the new zone that we are going to open in January!  It was a good weekend.

Sunday was the temple dedication and then we just went home to get things ready for the party that we had on Monday and so it was a relax week but we also got some good work done!  This week we have lots of good plans too and we are already working good and hard.  We will see what happens later though! Have a good week! I love you!!
Elder Orchard

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