Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm Headed Back to the Offices!

My new companion, Elder Ostler
Hey guys this week just flew by!  We had lots of work to do in so little time! But we were able to get a few things done and that is the most important thing!  

Tuesday we had everything lined up to be a really good day! We had tons of plans and we were going to find news and everything but it just kinda ended up going down hill! Everyone was cancelling on us and so we just did a bunch of contacts!  We ended up having a decent day but it was pretty rough! Really this whole week was spent just working with recent converts trying to get references!  But we had a pretty good success and the lord really really blessed us!

Wednesday was basically more of the same except we had even more citas with investigators and they even just cancelled on us!  But we were able to find some really really cool people that might progress!  Hopefully they can get progressing! 

Thursday we had weekly planning as a district because the missionaries just don't really get how to plan or why we plan and so on but we think that we had success doing in! Obviously you can try the hardest you can to help them but if they don't want to do it there is not much we can do!  Pres always says you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink!  So we have been trying to take the horses to water!  But lots of people don't really care about it which is really really sad! Hmm we also went out and worked and we had people there for our appointments then we were getting things ready for the house of prayer that we would be having in Tlalpizahuac!  WE also got an awesome reference of a lady that got baptized but never confirmed.  She said she wanted to start again and the only reason she stopped was for work and it got slower and she wants to keep going. She has still been living everything but she needs to go now and wants our help! We were super excited! Elder Vite should have a lot of work to do this cycle and so we are grateful for that! 

Friday was the day that we had planned to go with everybody that we had contacted the first few days and these are always the days that you don't know what is going to happen!  We set out and it was pretty slow to be honest!  We didn't have much and so we just started to contact harder and we had a decent day but I am not like 1000 percent sure what we did all day because the whole week just kind of flew by! 

Saturday we headed in to pick up Elder Camarillo to take him out to our area.  We went and taught Eldrichi and he was super excited! It seems like he is super ready and pumped for his baptism! Which is good!  THat is what we wanted from him anyways. Then we went to a baptism and went and ate with a family after that!

Oh and we had to clean the church!  In my opinion we did a really good job I don't think they have ever seen the church that clean before! Hopefully they can help make it stay that clean!

Sunday this is kind of the big and cool news of the week!  But we finally had services in Tlalpizahuac! It was such a blessing! I took a picture of Gospel doctrine

and then turned around and took the one where you can see the whole city! 

Pretty cool!  It was super cool to experience that! You could really feel the spirit there and we had an assistance of 50 people! That is not bad for the first week!  

I think that we are going to have a ton of success out there with the branch! I think here in a couple of months it could be an official branch!

That is kind of it for the week.  I also got changed yesterday into what I hope will be my last area! I am headed back to the offices and so that will be awesome to be with Pres again! And my kids the Nebekers! 

The"O" Elders and their matching socks.

So happy to see Elder Olson again!

I love you all have a great week!

Elder Orchard

Home Sweet Home the last 3 months.

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