Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We Found a Really Cool Drunk Guy

Hello!  This week went pretty well for us! We didn't have tons of plans but we were sure able to see tons of blessing that we definitely weren't expecting!  We worked super hard and we were satisfied with how we worked!  We had a few people come to church and we are super excited!

Tuesday was a good day!  We had tons of plans and so we just went out to try and see what we could do!  It went pretty good! We found a really cool drunk guy! He told us all about how he had lived in the Los Angeles Azules (Local band here)  And that he made three dollars an hour and what he makes now is just nothing compared to that( 500 pesos) I don't know how he did the math but he was a little bit off!  Then he was talking about how he wanted to stop drinking(pretty typical from all the drunks here)  But he didn't know how! Then he went off about how his uncle sent him back from the Los Angeles Azules because all he did was drink and all sorts of things that people under the age of 18 should hear!  Then he said I am sick of being a drunk do you know how many days I have been drinking for?  Do you know how many days I have been drunk?  3 Months!  It was quite the little story!  Every day he got drunk and then went to work at night! I think the most impressive part of this whole story was this was at 11 in the morning!  Two hours later we passed by and he was passed out on the sidewalk! Quite the life he has lived!   Then we went to the food and we had a sister tell us all about how we aren't good missionaries because we don't go visit the members and all sorts of stuff!  It was interesting! In the last week some of the sisters had started rumors that has really really effected our ward!  It is going to be hard to get out of them and prove they aren't true!   That is why it is so important to always do things right!  Then we were able to head to see Santos.  This is the guy that had a dream where the angel came and talked to him. He just showed up at church last week and so we were excited and saced out a cita!  Well he is ready to get back to listening and reading the book of mormon! Super excited for him!  More to come later in the week!

Wednesday we set out to find some new investigators because we have some good ones but if we stop finding people we will fall into a situation where we baptize them all and then have nothing!  We decided that we would do that using a list of less actives since that is where the gold mine is of investigators.  So we set out with a list of less actives and we started just going crazy!  We had tons of success and we are just going to keep working hard with it!  We saw that we could have lots and lots of success in a ward that has 120 active members and 1095 members on record!  It is super cool to go with all of them and see the way they react! We didn't find lots of them but we did find some people that are being prepared!  We also got a reference that is pretty cool for a sister but we can't go until next wednesday and so we are sad about that but it sounds like they will be ready to listen to us! We are hoping at least! That is exactly what we need right now a good family!  We were also able to find another family that has a kid who never got baptized but remembers the church and wants to go back and is super excited to get baptized! We got really blessed twice with him! The first time today and another time of saturday!

Thursdday was our slowest day! We couldn't find anybody in their house! It was really really frustrating but we just kept pushing on! We also planned for the week and we had our ward mission meeting!  It went good but it was a super super long day! However we did get all of our contacts in!

Friday was one of the coolest days!  In the morning we had mission council! It was super super cool! 

Elder Orchard's companion, Elder Vite.

We were able to learn a whole bunch and we were really excited to try and help our zone with everything that we learned!  Then we got home from that and went and saw Santos!  He was waiting for us like always, We got there late, like always and we had nooo idea what to teach! We pulled out the Book of Mormon and started seeing where he was reading and he had read a ton of stuff!  Then we talked about Moroni's promise and he said yeah I know that it is true because I have my answer! I want to be baptized! It was super super cool! He was constantly being prepared by the Lord even though he wasn't always with us! He was doing his part and he was constantly reading and it was a super cool experience for Elder Vite and I!

Saturday we had a temple trip planned but we had everyone who had said they would go cancel on us! We said we can't be the companionship that doesn't take anyone and we set out at 8 in the morning to find somebody! We thought of Eldrichi.  So we went to his house and he was there and he was able to go with us to the visitors center! We were able to make him a new and put him to a fecha! It was super cool and we were pretty blessed this whole week with stuff like that!  We are hoping that we can continue to be blessed because we need all the help we can get! We also had a family night that went cool but other than that it was a pretty lame saturday!  Especially when that is usually our best day for work!

Well this week I was studying a lot about a lot of things and today in our meeting I talked a little bit about Nephi when he broke his bow! And you know what sometimes things don't really turn out exactly the way we want them to!  But if we are willing to do everything we can! Even if it is just a little wooden bow and a straight stick the Lord will make up for the rest! That is why the Atonement is so important in our lives!  I really like that Nephi did what he could, nothing more! There is a scripture in Mosiah that I like that reads,

And see that all these are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. 

I really like this and what it teaches us!  Have a great week!  Love you guys!

Elder Orchard

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