Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Santos Got Baptized

Heyyaall so this week was a pretty good week! I guess the first important news is that Santos got baptized!  We were super excited and happy for him!  It was a long process but it ended up being super cool and paying off in the end!  Santos was the guy that I found with Elder Lopez which was super super chosen! This was the guy that had an Angel appear to him in a dream and say that two people were going to come into his life and that he should just do everything that they told him to do!  So he told the angel that he would be obedient and then we contacted him that week!  He was super chosen and did everything we had asked him to! For four weeks he progressed like a champ!  We taught everything and it all went great,  then we taught the word of wisdom and he had a little bit of a smoking problem!  He said it would be hard for him to give it up and he kind of just dropped us! It was super super sad because we had so much hope for him!  He stopped going to church for weeks and we didn't hear anything from Santos!  Well the time passed and then about two weeks ago he just showed up to church again!  We talked with him and put an appointment!  We went on tuesday and he said I have been reading the book of Mormon and he recieved an answer.  He had also quit smoking and was ready to be baptized!  It was a super cool experience and baptism!  Then he got up and bore his testimony and said that he knew the church was the church of Christ and I almost got some tears it was so cool!!  So that was kind my cool story of the week!  

Other than that we were just finding a few people that we hope can progress!  We will be working hard with them!  And we put another fecha this week with Vianney she is a new from last week that is from a part member family!  WE are super excited for her! We also taught Eldrichi and he will be ready to be baptized in a couple weeks!  Just trying to leave everything in order for if I have changes!  I also did five baptism interviews for everything this week so it was busy with all of that going on!  We also had a cool activity with Pres where he talked with our ward about how we can work better together!  It was super fun and it is always good to see him!

Well I don't have much time but I will get some pictures loaded! Things are going good here!  Love you all! 

Elder Orchard

Some random pictures he sent with no explanation.

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