Thursday, September 25, 2014

Knee Problems

Since we are moving up to main today we kind of have a weird schedule for the next two days.  We have P-day here until 9:30 am and then we move up but then tomorrow we have P-day again!  So, I will probably keep things short today because of time.  I will send the weekly email tomorrow.

The KNEE....(I got a call from the MTC on Wednesday asking for insurance information because Doug hurt his knee and needed additional care) I was playing basketball and went to make a cut and my knee popped and then I went down.  I went to the specialist yesterday, which happened to be Hunter Smith's team doctor at UVU, and he said it is probably a meniscus tear or an MCL tear but we won't know for sure until after the MRI.  I have that at 11:45 and then, supposedly, he is going to have it read today and I should find out details tonight or tomorrow morning ish.  He did say if surgery is required recovery time is still up in the air.  Your meniscus all depends on how bad it is and how much work they have to do.  It could be 3 weeks, it could be a few months.  He won't have a plan until after he can get everything read.

I leave on Monday.  My flight goes to Houston leaving at 7:00 a.m. so we leave the MTC at about 3:30 a.m.  I would love to be able to see you if it works out.  (Russell has a 6:00 am flight the same day to Sacramento so he wrote Doug and asked if he would want to see him at the airport.)  Let me just check with President Carpenter and make sure it is okay!  One of the kids is having his dad meet him at the airport and we are all a little upset about it.  This kid needs to figure out what he is doing and make a decision!  I am sure it is different, at least that's what my teacher told me, between you being there for a flight that got planned and it was a coincidence and him emailing his dad and telling him to change his flight so they could meet up!  Needless to say, we have had some problems with this Elder in our district and he is having problems with a lot of things.  It is crazy to me how one person could have taken two years of Spanish in high school and still can't even pray without using a book and even when he uses it speaks Spanglish.  You feel bad for the kid because in less than a week he will have a native companion that speaks no English.  We will see how it goes.

Just a little preview for tomorrow's letter, we had another of the Twelve come speak to us on Tuesday so that was pretty cool!  I won't tell you who it was but that made two in a row and that is a pretty rare thing I guess because they have gone about 3 months without a Twelve.

I will have a better email to send out to people tomorrow.

Love you lots,
Elder Orchard

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