Friday, September 26, 2014

Some Good News and Some Bad News

There is good news and bad news as far as the knee goes.  I just got done meeting with the District President.  It is official, I will be delayed for two weeks.  If I get better then whenever the President of my mission is ready I will go to Mexico.  The doctor here won't send me with a brace, however, so I meet with him again on Tuesday.  If things aren't starting to get better then I will be sent home otra vez (once again). I got the brace yesterday and I might be getting crutches. The MRI came back normal and so that is part of the reason why he won't send me out.  I can barely walk and if I start to go up stairs it is terrible.  I shouldn't need surgery as of right now.  I didn't have a limp when I first came in but now I do.  It is swollen a little bit and there is fluid in my knee.  They said something about some bone that had something but he didn't think that would be causing pain.  I hurt my knee on the 18th.  They could still send me on Monday but my progress would have to be dramatic.  I will probably get assigned to another district in our zone.

This week in the MTC was full of all sorts of stuff!  It was our last week and so we are all pretty anxious to get out and to start pushing the cause.  Classes are starting to get pretty restless and people are slowly starting to focus more on being in the field.  It was awesome to be able to hear another Apostle speak to us this last Tuesday.  It was Elder Ballard and he didn't write a talk to be translated before hand so you could really tell he was following the spirit.  He said a lot of things.  One of the things I liked was him saying to set goals that can actually be achieved.  He said that we should also use the Preach My Gospel principles and apply them to more than just our missionary work.  He used it to find his wife and so make sure that we are using it for more than just preaching.  I don't have my notes but I will try and send some more stuff with that next week.  Things are going good and hopefully I will be back out soon.  Until then I will just gain some more weight in the MTC.

Elder Orchard

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