Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday is P-day

Alright, so, P-day is the same (Thursday)! I am living on West campus which is where all the Spanish missionaries live!  So, that means we are allowed to leave on P-day and go eat and stuff at the shopping strip mall and whatsoever.  The District is pretty cool!  There are only a few people in it I don't really like.  My companion is Elder Lyman from Herriman.  He is pretty chill.  He talks a lot though.  We get along really well.  We are basically about the same person!
It is crazy to see the difference in everyone's Spanish here compared to Mexico.  My teacher at night, who is like the coolest guy ever, told me that my Spanish was off the charts so that made me feel pretty good.  We DON'T have any Sisters so thank the Lord above for that!!  I also saw Cameron Hansen!! Crazy!!  He is going to Shoeneman's mission so I told him to look for him and say "What's up!"
Other than that I can totally feel myself getting fatter.  The food is usually pretty good here!! We get the BYU Creamery whenever we want for free so I am just adding weight before I go and lose it in Mexico again.  I had to get a size 36 at the temple today so ugh oh!  Other than that things are going pretty good.  Seth Gardner just got here yesterday too.  The first week has been pretty good so far.

The little spiritual note of the day, on Tuesday we had a devotional and Elder Clarke told us some things to do as missionaries but there was something that really stuck out to me.  Missionaries have the power to be able to ask for blessings and when serving a mission you not only bless the lives of your investigators but your families!

A portion of Stockton's email to Douglas and the response he got:

Stockton:  My Patriarchal blessing was so awesome.  I could feel the spirit so strongly.  Mom, Dad and I were all crying for a little during it.  Mine was really specific about a mission too, and it said the Temple would be very important in my life.  I will get a written copy next week.

Doug:  Your patriarchal blessing is something that will guide you for your whole life and you need to rely on it.  Mine is very specific about serving a mission and that is why I had such a hard time coming back out!  This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I am not sure it is going to be easy but I know that I am going to be blessed because of it!

We were able to email chat for a minute and I got a few more details out of him:).

Doug:  We get $6 every week to live on so it is even less (than the $7 in Mexico)!  I guess just preparing more for when I go to Mexico.  There is an Elder here whose name is Elder Juan (John but in Spanish).  I have really linked with him.  He is really cool and funny.  It is unreal how much he reminds me of Dallas.  Not just the physical appearance of him but the way he acts and everything.
We are all pretty close but there are like two I really don't like.  I will need you to send me a pair of dad's slacks just for the MTC if I get too fat!

Me:  Pregnant ladies use a rubber band.  Fold it in half and put it through your loop.  Then hook it around the button.  It gives you an extra inch or so that way!

Doug:  Thanks mom!! I love you, I will talk to you guys next week!! Tell everyone I love them and miss them!

te amo,

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  1. I loved your tip about using a rubber band . . . that's classic !