Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Thoughts on Prayer

I just found out last week we have to all move up to the main campus.  Ughhh...that is crappy because that leaves three ish days up there.  Eso si que es (SOCKS, it is what it is).

I saw Levi yesterday at dinner just for a brief minute.  I will have more time to see him next week when he is not in meetings.

This week has been awesome!  We got to listen to Elder Scott on Tuesday and he gave an amazing talk on prayer.  From the second he walked in you could feel the spirit a million times stronger which I didn't know was possible at the MTC because at those devotionals the spirit is amazing!  He showed a little more humor during this talk that I don't ever see in conference.  I took quite a few notes.  Here are just a few.

Prayer gets answered in three ways.

1.  You feel peace and that means it is a yes to your question.
2.  You have a stupor of thought and that means it is a no.
3.  You get no response.  It is now your responsibility to grow and exercise faith by following the commandments and doing what we should.

You should feel best about #3 because God trusts you enough for you to make your own decisions.  Pray often but don't get discouraged if you don't get an answer during your prayer because answers seldom come while praying.  We also need to be grateful.

Something fun for the week is just hanging out with most of the people in this district, usually Elder Juan.  Our relationship is a lot like Dallas and mine so we just have fun constantly.  Our teacher is awesome.  He went to the Dominican Republic (Doug's dream mission before he got called to Mexico City) so I live vicariously through him!  I have heard all sorts of crazy stories about that place so we will see how it goes (I think he means for his friend, Tanner, who just left to serve there)!

Advice for the week is just pray more earnestly.  One thing that Elder Scott said is that God already knows how we feel and what we want.  He knows everything about us and he knows our hearts and our intentions.  You might as well pray for everything since he already knows!  I love you all and hope that all is well back at home!


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