Monday, August 31, 2015

A Visit From Elder Christofferson

Alright well Tuesday not much really happened!  We didn't leave until really really late because Pres. had to sign off in works and I had to make our budget which was not too bad!  We had one cita with The family Alva and so that was nice!  They are doing good and we are going to the temple with them on Saturday!

Wednesday Elder Christofferson came and that was awesome!  It was one of the most amazing meetings I have ever been in!  He was awesome and you could really feel the spirit really really strong and it was awesome!!  I learned tons and was so happy with what I was able to do and feel!

Then we went to the area and we did divisions with a member so we could divide and conquer!  We had tons of good lessons and we were able to find a couple really really awesome news!  This member is awesome though!  He works in the MTC down here and so he teaches really awesome!  It is awesome to be able to teach with someone that didn't serve here because you learn a lot more!  We have really had some good success!  Lucina is ready for her interview tomorrow and hopefully she is ready!  She has progressed nice and has had a really quick learning time!  She is really really cool!  More to come on that tomorrow!

Thursday Today was a decent day!  We didn't do much!  Nothing really to report on many Investigators!  Tomorrow we have an appointment with the Family Alva and that is all we have planned because we are going to Polanco!  I think we will just have a normal chill day tomorrow in Polanco!  Besides that today we taught a few actives, we got the Pila (font or baptistry) cleaned and Lucina passed her interview and so I will be baptizing her on Saturday at 3!  We are super excited!  We are seeing tons of miracles and we are so excited for that! We are glad she was able to pass her interview!  She really understood in the little time that we had to teach her these passed few weeks!

Friday!  Today was a Polanco day and since my comp has to get his green card renewed I had to do the renovacions and so that was interesting!  It was interesting!  I was able to know how to do some of his job too!  It was cool!  We got back and we went and saw the Family Alva!  They are doing good and they are excited to go back to the temple tomorrow!  We will also be going with the ward and we will be baptizing so basically the same thing that we did last week! It will be nice to get everything done like that!  Then we wil be back and we will clean the house and do all the things we need to do before the news get here!  It was a good day today!

Saturday!  Baptism and temple day!!!!  Today was literally the same thing we did last week!!  We went to the temple in the morning with our ward!  We showed up a little late and they totally left us!  It was so crappy!  We called and the worst part was they are like oh yeah we saw you but didn't think you were coming?  I was like we planned this activity why wouldn't we come?!  That doesn't make any sense!  We were a little upset at first but it was really quite funny that they saw us walking to the church at nine in the morning what else would we do?  So after that we got back home and we had Lucinas baptism and that was awesome!  It was nice to see her come so long and so far!  We were all really excited about that!

Then we took the Family Alva to the temple and that was so much fun!  We are just struggling with the abuela because she just is so indecisive and it is so hard!  She like won't commit!

Douglas forgot to sign his letter this week!  Today was a busy day.  The new missionaries entered for this transfer and he gets to host them in the mission office.  I wanted to include Sister Stutznegger's account of Elder Christofferson's visit.  It is a little more informational than Elder Orchard's recap:)

August 26, 2015
A visit from an apostle..really?  Keith was surprised when that call came from the states.  There are over 400 missions in the world.  There are only 12 apostles, and some of them are not in good enough health for travel.  What are the odds of our little mission getting selected?

And yet we were.  For two weeks we prepared.  The missionaries were given reading assignments.  The church was given special attention by church maintenance.  Missionaries were told to arrive one hour early, fasting and ready to be feed by the spirit.  We even took a few minutes of that hour to "practice" a quick mission photo in case there was time.  And then we waited, listened to music, and prepared ourselves.

Elder Christofferson was worth the preparations.  A beautiful musical number by seven of our missionaries set the stage for 90 minutes of learning.  He took questions and turned them into sermons.  He used scriptures to further our understanding.  He shook everyone's hand and spoke with great kindness and insight.  And when there was just 6 minutes left before he had to leave for another speaking appointment, our "practiced" missionaries got the cherished picture of all of us together.
Many of our missionaries have not even been in the same auditorium or city as an apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ.  This day left a lasting impression!

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