Monday, August 3, 2015

Free Dominos!

So this week starts off with Tuesday for us as missionaries!  I went on divisions with our district leader while Blotter and Olsen were cleaning houses.  I went to like the best ward in the mission.  At least they all say that but they are like a real American ward!  Funny side comment, a few weeks ago Salena ate ¨Mexican¨ food.  Well Tuesday we ate ¨Japanese¨ food!  Not bad just didn't come out the greatest!  

Wednesday, normal day of work and we ate with Laura!  The food was so good!  She is the best member in our ward and she isn't even baptized yet!   And we just worked our butts off and had a great day!  Then we get home and me and Elder Olson wanted to order pizza so we called Dominos.  Well even in Mexico if it doesn't get there in 30 minutes it is free!  Well blessings of being a missionary we got free pizza because it took 45 minutes to get here!  One of the greatest moments in my life!  And its not even that cold!

Thursday was Polanco Day and Elder Olson was looking for a new suit while we were just waiting for it to open!  It is actually not the best running system at migracion!  They like split things up into two parts of the day and it gets closed for like three hours in between.  So we have to be there to get everything done by like 11 ish.  Sometimes it takes an hour sometimes it takes minutes.  Then we have to wait for it to reopen at 4 so that we can go and pick up the green cards and such!  That is kind of crappy the way it works because we don't do much!

Friday was a typical work day, well kind of.  We went to the visitors center with Laura and it was awesome because she totally contacted both taxi drivers it was just making me laugh.  She is so on fire right now!  She's soooooo great!  We actually just planned it with the ward so that we will be able to go to the open house for the temple and then when we get home we will just have all the members there to be able to be at her baptism!  So excited!  22nd of August!  Anyways it threw us off because we left so early to work that we didn't work in the offices!  Well then we had to go home and book some flights and that took longer than usual so it was kind of weird!

Saturday was really really slow!  We didn't teach very much but we did have a really good lesson with a family of investigators!  There is a daughter who is less active however her parents are not members.  She also has a husband and two kids all of the age!  Only problem they are like full on members in this christian church!  We have been working with them for 8 weeks now and we like finally made some good progress this week!  They have started to read on their own in the Book of Mormon(we had to read with them for about four weeks).  We had the spirit super strong in a lesson and they finally commited to going to church.  But I mean it is Mexico so they say yeah I will be there but then they can't for whatever reason so we will see how it goes tomorrow!

Sunday we had a great day in church! We have been killing it really for the last three or four weeks in church!  We have definitely been blessed as far as that goes!  Our family came and a few other people and so we were responsible for eight investigators in church but two of them we had to give to the other Elders because they aren't in our area!  The Family Alba came and that was awesome!  Cita with them on Tuesday to have a family home evening type thing!  

I love you guys have a good week!  


Elder Orchard

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