Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some Weeks are Better Than Others

Tuesday, We finally found Lucina again and that was good!!  The only problem is that she like has no teaching and she will be getting baptized in two weeks!  We need to kick it into gear and get her taught!  Also we had something kind of cool happen!  A few days ago we were looking at the house of the missionaries in the other area of our ward to decide if we are going to close it or not and this lady calls us and is like hey my mom is a member and so is my son like come in!  So we taught and it was all really cool!  He is 12 and is ready to get the priesthood and his mom is also really cool!  She just needs to get married and then she will totally get baptized!  They are really a cool family and hopefully we can help them here soon!  Sorry this week is kind of lame but I am trying to make it more interesting!

Wednesday, we were able to get a member to go with us and we had a really good day!  We were able to see a ton of our investigators and they are all doing really good!  We tried to put a fecha with another person but it is kind of hard because she needs to get married but her husband doesn't completely want to right now.  Which makes no sense because they have grandkids!  Sometimes I just don't understand people's logic!  Honestly like nothing really that cool happened today!  We were able to get a lot of with member lessons but other than that it wasn't like really super cool!  
Elder Olson, Elder Orchard and Elder Blotter with Pez dispensers I mailed:)

Thursday we went and cleaned out houses and that was a good time!  Nothing too crazy happened but we worked all day and it was really tiring!  But we were able to get a couple good citas in before the night was over!  Just trying to work when we have time!  

Elder Olson
Friday we had a pretty decent day!  We went out with the Jovenes (young) to try and find some less active aaronic priesthood because that is something that we really are missing out on here in our ward! So we just starting trying to find people and we were able to get some really really good visits in!  We found people who said they were going to go to the church and so I guess we will see if that really happens on Sunday!  Our new young mens president is a stud!  Kind of interesting is that our ward has just called a bunch of young new leaders and things are taking off here in the ward!  

Saturday, today was pretty crappy!  We like could not get anything going today!  From the begining of the day it was kind of crappy!  I had to take some Elders to the temple so that they could buy scriptures.  Then our prefood appointment cancelled and basically from there on it got pretty crappy!  We just couldn't find anyone in their house!  People wouldn't open the doors to us and we just had a crappy day of work!  We did tons of walking though!  Like a lot!  You have to have days like this occasionally though!  It happens to the best of us!  We are hoping that we can have a good productive day tomorrow!  Hopefully these people all come to church like we hope they do!

Well we had our big family bail out on us today.  They got back from Puebla late last night and they just couldn't get up but it is whatever!  Our Ward mission leader is being a beast!  We started making a ward mission plan and we are just seeing awesome things come from all of this!  We are so happy about it!  We are seeing the ward step up and we are so excited for what is to come!  It is like contagious!  We usually have two young men at church on Sunday, well our new young mens president went with us and these two youth to go do visits this week.  Well we had eight jovenes in church today which was awesome!  And they had success and so I am hoping the other organizations do the same thing!

I love you guys!  Have a good  week!


Elder Orchard

I received these pictures without any explanations but I think they speak for themselves.  That is one CRAZY storm!

I am guessing this is the FREE Dominos they got a few weeks ago!

Here's a little bit of his letter to me that I wanted to share:

The toe feels good no problems with that.  As far as my year we are going to celebrate a little bit on Thursday.  I mean there is not much we can do on a Thursday maybe go for tacos and cokes I don't know though!  But yes definitely will be celebrating together.  (Elder Olson celebrates his hump day on the 20th and Elder Orchard thinks that MIGHT be his date as well.  It's kind of a grey area but why not celebrate??)  We have not been to the temple open house yet, the goal is to be able to go three times this week and then a few more next week!  We want to go a lot! Hopefully we can get into a session or something here pretty soon after it opens, at least to do baptisms.

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