Monday, August 24, 2015

Elder Olson and I Hit A Year

Tuesday.  Alright well today we had time to visit a few people!  We were able to go and see Lucina and she is doing awesome!  Laura also got prepared for her interview which will be on Thursday!  Hopefully she passes that just fine!  We think she will so things are looking good!  We also put a fecha with the daughter of Lucina!  For the 19th of September!  We have been truly blessed with her!

Wednesday we had a few citas today and so that was good!  We finally saw the family Alba and they are doing good!  The kids are loving what we are teaching!  They are going strong!  Really everyone except for the Grandma!  She is just kind of difficult more than anything!  She is slowly coming around but it seems like every day we have to almost re-convince her of going to church!  However we taught about the Tithing and she loved it!  They all committed to going to church and paying it too!  Griselda was like look I love the way you guys pay and use tithing!  In my church like I don't know if the pastor is just buying himself a new car and house and stuff!  So we hurried and reiterated the fact that only in our church do we do it like that!  That doesn't mean they do it this way in the other religions!  It was a really good lesson we had!

Thursday we went and got tacos in the morning and they are sooo good!  We also just had some citas today.  Laura passed her interview and so that was awesome!  Elder Olson and I hit a year and so we were going to go out for tacos again but that didn't happen! Sadly the member cancelled on us!  So we went for cokes instead and just called it good!  We will get tacos two for one on Saturday I think so that will be really good!
The shirt burning ceremony



Friday was a day we spent cleaning the church and running around like a chicken with our head cut off!  We kind of did really bad planning and had to cross the area multiple times it was bad!  I need the walking though!  We were able to see the family Alva and also Lucina!  It was awesome we just got invited to a family home evening that a member put on and called our investigators!  It was really really nice!  All in all things were really good!

Saturday!  This was an awesome day!  We went to the Temple for the first time and it was sooo beautiful! It was packed but we went with all of the youth and had an awesome turnout! What was fun was that they just didn't have transport planned to get there.  So we walked to the closest metro/Micro stop and we tried to contract a micro driver!  It was pretty funny!  The guy was like I will take you and bring you back for 900 pesos, kind of expensive but it was fine.  Then we came back and had our baptism!
Laura's baptism

It was one of the best baptisms I have had here!  There was tons of people that came and the Primary sang a special musical number and everything was so great!  They had her visiting teachers there to meet her and we just were super super excited about everything!  Then we went and picked up the Family Alba to go back to the temple.  We shoved six people into one little taxi and off we went!  We toured the temple for the second time and after they were like wow what do I need to do to enter when it gets opened?  We explained what and they are super excited!  Things are going really really good and I am so happy with what has been going on in the Lord's work for really the last two months! We have really seen changes and miracles here in Leandro Valle!

Sunday well I got a little upset today!  Griselda decided to go to her christian church and take half of our investigators with her!  It is just really hard to teach her right now!  I think this week we are going to have to go over the restoration!  She likes our church but we just need something to convince her!  She isn't completely sure about everything!  It is just so frustrating when you feel like you are teaching clearly and they say they understand and are doing everything they need to be doing but they are still too tied down to come to church!    Besides that things are going really really good!  We are just trying to push on and figure this out!  I am sure we will get some help from the Lord to be able to do it!  Other than that everything is going good!  We had a family that was in teaching just show up this week which was nice!  We will go see how they are doing and I will be sure to keep you posted! This week is going to be busy and stressfull! 

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with President to talk about our budget for next year. Wednesday we are having Elder D. Todd Christofferson come and then after we are doing divisions with someone so we can actually get things done!  Thursday we have to find a new house for the new missionaries coming into our  ward!  Friday we are going to Polanco and Saturday back to the temple and we have Lucina's baptism!  Crazy week and then we have the "news" coming in next Monday! Wish me luck!  
Love you guys!

Elder Orchard 

Food pics.  What else?

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