Monday, July 27, 2015

Some Interesting Pictures

Alright we had a really good week this week!  We were able to get out and visit some really cool people!  Laura is still progressing really well!   She is the best member in our ward!  She actually is like looking for references and just doing awesome!  We will probably end up moving her fecha up just because of how great she is!  I don't know this whole writing thing is really hard because I feel like the same things just happen and I am really like out of things to write about!  

We have found a few great news this week and we are hoping for the best with them!  We are going to work hard with the little bit of time that we have this week!  It is going to be another crazy one! Tomorrow we are cleaning out houses, Thursday Polanco and Friday taking Laura to the visitors center!  I am really excited to see how she likes it!  

My new comp is pretty great!  Elder Olson from Farmington Utah!  We have some fun and it is nice that we get along because we will probably be comps for a little while....  Everything is going great over here in Leandro Valle!  

Last week was super crazy!  Sorry I just didn't have time to be able to write!  We had them (the new missionaries) all here and they all wanted to write and I just had my cycle close for getting all of the money in and so it was a stressful week!  This week should be less stressful!  As far as that I don't think there is much more to catch you guys up on!  I guess the only thing could be that our ward now has home teaching and so we are taking steps in the right direction!  

I love you guys have a good week!

Elder Orchard

(I got pictures but no explanation.  I sure am curious about these!)

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