Monday, July 13, 2015

Wear At Your Own Risk

Just pulled a fast one on all you guys!  They just changed my P day back to Monday!  At least that is what the assistants have told us!  So I am on here early this week!  This week was short since we are writting early but we saw a ton of miracles and were truly blessed!  Sorry these thoughts are going to be random but here we go!

Alright so first of all they saced out the other missionaries from our ward so we are the only missionaries there as of right now and we only work the afternoons so talk about a lot of work!  The good news though is that we have a bigger area to try and find some people!  And because of that it really helps us with less actives that we can go find!  We got a list of everyone in both areas and we are going to go try and reactivate some families.  Things are all good in leandro valle!

This week we had even less time to work than usual!  We watched the missionary last week on Monday and then P-day on Wednesday and we went to Polanco (to get Visas) on Thursday so that was a whole day trip!  So we really struggled to try and find time to work!  We end the week on Saturday and we had only gotten 13 lessons(that was more than I thought we were going to get.  Luckily we had a good Friday).  So we just kind of said okay whatever happens tomorrow happens!  We get to church and twelve less actives come like four different families and things were good! Laura our super chosen investigator made it to church before we did and as a ward we had more than 50 people and that was the first time I have seen that here!  We were truly blessed from what we did through the week!  And everyone we are teaching is progressing at this point!  So things are going awesome!  We put a fecha with Laura last weekend but that is going to get moved up here in a little bit I think!  But as of right now it is on the 22 of August.  However she reads the Book of Mormon every day for at least an hour!  The next step is to get her kid animated and get him coming to church with her!  I am super excited for the week we have to work and go find some news!

Short side funny story.  We were at Polanco and we saw missionaries from the north mission.(Other missions kind of look down on our mission and think we aren't as good as them who knows why) and this kid sees my watch and he starts freaking out he was like what they heck you guys can wear watches?  And I was like yeah why wouldn't we be able to?  And this kid was freaking out about how we could wear watches and I was like it is wear at your own risk just because I wear it doesn't mean it won't get stolen!  It was just funny he was acting like it was some great thing and some really bad thing!  Alright that should be all. I can't think of anything else that could have happened so have a good one! 
Love you guys

Elder Orchard

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