Monday, July 20, 2015

I Get Another New Comp Tomorrow

Sorry things have been kind of crazy today!  The news (new missionaries...this week is transfers) are good and I only have a little time to write today!  This week has gone good!  We have tried to work really hard and have had a little bit of success!  We have met some new people and they seem really cool!  More coming on that later!  I also don't have time to respond to everyone!  Sorry but things are crazy!  We have been training people all day about things and we have eaten a lot!  Not the best food but that is okay!   

Laura is still progressing really good!  She is saying that she spends an hour a day reading the book of mormon and just making sure that she understands!  She is soooo awesome and she is progressing sooo good!  

I get another new comp tomorrow and I have tons of work so that should be interesting!  I will have to work like crazy today for it!  But things are going good here!  Hopefully next week I will have more to tell you guys but at least I sent some good pictures!  I am still loving my time!  Crazy to think that Norr is leaving soon and that things are going to get a little more dependent on me!  That is okay I think that I can do it! If not I will call him!  haha We are having a good week planned and then things will get a little more back to normal!  

I love you have a good one!

Elder Orchard

(I did not get those "good" pictures Elder Orchard mentioned.  I will share a few I found after the fact from previous weeks.)

Sister Stutznegger put this cute pic on Facebook.

**Pics finally came:)  The captions are mine, not Elder Orchard's.

Playing Settlers of Catan, one of our favorites!

Elder Norr's countdown chain.


Always eating!

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