Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Celebrated the 4th and Pulled an All-Nighter

Currently eating a torta de tamal which is amazing! 

Anyways this week was kind of exhausting! I got to catch up on a lot of sleep today which was nice and much needed!  We had an amazing week with the little time that we had to work!  We have found another really cool little family of two.  The mom contacted us once we got off of the bus!  It was actually a really cool story once she told it to us! She said that she was wanting to talk to us but she was scared and embarrassed to say anything because she didn't know what to say to us!  So she finally decided if we got off at the same stop it would be a sign from God and she would talk to us!  Okay that is her side of the story and a little background!  Now from our side, we were going to lunch and weren't really paying attention and forgot where we were at!  When we realized we passed the street we got off at the next stop we could and then this girl contacts us and was like ¨so I haven't been baptized when are you guys going to come by my house?¨  We put a cita and then went back a few days later and it turns out she is sooooooo chosen!  Since Saturday she is already on chapter 17 of 1st Nephi.  That was yesterday when she told us!  She said she loves what we are teaching and she does all her homework!  It is nice!  She has a son who also likes to listen and who thinks things through a lot! It is an amazing family!  Things are going great here in the Agricola Oriental! 

So we had a nice celebration of our great country!  We sang the national anthem, had a BBQ and just really enjoyed ourselves!  I sent home tons of pictures of it so I will leave it up to you guys to sort through the good ones and put up the ones that you want!  So we had a major party for that!  Pasta Salad, Jello thing, chips, burgers, brats, everything!  We know how to party that is for sure!  We went all out America ties and everything! (Elder Orchard did not write the captions to any of the pictures. They are strictly the observations of his mother:))

What is wrong with this picture?  It looks nothing like a nice, safe outdoor location.  Is that a washer and dry I see??

I'm pretty sure I see that same washer and dryer in the background and now the grill is fully lit.  Um......?????

I proudly claim that handsome Elder in the front:)

Not sure who planned this party but it makes a mother's heart proud.  Great job Elders!  It looks like you remembered everything.

Do I spy pineapple on that bun?  Douglas has NEVER eaten pineapple in his life.  I think he has embraced his new culture!

Elder Blotter

Elder Norr and Elder Orchard

If you look at the top of the picture on the far end of the table you will spot the "Jello thing" Elder Orchard referred to.

So then on Monday we get a call from Pres and he is like we had an Elder try to commit suicide last night so I need you guys to come over to my house and watch him today and tomorrow before he flies home!  You guys are on suicide watch!  Well we had to stay up all night to make sure that things were good!  He let us watch the Disney movies he had there so we watched the Lego Movie, Frozen and Monsters Inc before the night was over!  And then we played a lot of Monopoly!
The mission home

The mission home

The mission home

The mission kitchen

The mission home

The mission home

The mission home

The mission home

The mission home

The mission home

Pulling an all-nighter!  Monsters, Inc.


Elder Blotter, my comp

Trying to stay awake!

It was fun but yesterday was so hard to work!  We got back to the offices after dropping the Elder off and Pres was like go sleep until you guys have to leave to the food!  So we got like a four hour nap before we had to head out and work!  And then today we got to sleep in and we will probably take a nap again!  Then tomorrow we have to go to Polanco and do Visa things all day!  So we have super busy weeks! Sleep is not always easy to come by!  But I am loving what I do and am having the time of my life!  

Have a good week and I love you!

Elder Orchard

Elder Orchard has missed Mountain Dew.  It is hard to come by.  I am not sure where he found this but he looks happy about it!

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